Shopping Tips - 3 Hottest Fashions - Fall Fashions for Women

By Lisa A Mason  

When fall rolls around everyone gets excited about what the new trends for the season are. Shopping is a favorite past time of many people and these people are never seen wearing anything that is not in style. If you are one of these people, then you can appreciate knowing what the hottest trends for fall fashions for women are. When you know the right place to shop, you can ensure you will get the hottest fashion trends for your season right as they are hitting the racks.

The following are the top three items you must have for your wardrobe:

  1. Leggings - Leggings have been slowly making their way back into our wardrobes for the past couple of seasons. This fall is no different and leggings are coming back with a vengeance. Look for them in dark colors such as mauve, black and chocolate. Pair them up with long tunic tops and tall boots. A long blouse and a pair of flats make for a great ensemble at the office. When the days get chilly, wear a cardigan over the top of the leggings to complete an outdoor look.

  2. Gemstones - Have you been collecting gemstone jewelry in the hopes that these pieces come back into fashion? Well, the time is now and one of the hottest trends is gemstone jewelry and they are the must have accessories for the fall. Wear them as a broach at the neck of a button up shirt or a long twisted chain for a night out. The brighter the gemstones the better for the look you are trying to achieve. If you do not have any gemstone jewelry, it definitely time to get to the shops and find a few pieces.

  3. Leather Jackets - Leather jackets for ladies are very in this fall. If you really want to be in style, get a leather tuxedo jacket. This jacket can be paired with the above-mentioned leggings and a white shirt for a day at the office or a slinky tank top for a night out on the town. Even if you do not fancy the tuxedo style, you must have a nice black leather jacket in your collection this fall.

It is important to many to be hip and trendy and to follow the fashion trends of the season. If you are looking to update your fall wardrobe can head to Central Avenue and check out all the shops for the perfect pieces. They offer shops that contain everything noted in here and at prices that are affordable for just about any budget.

Fall Fashion Forecast - Business Women's Guide to Fashion

By Chi Chi Okezie  

As we enter the Fall Season, businesswomen should embrace a new, fun and exciting style for professional success. Fall is a great time to try deep and earthy colors. It is also good to mix and match patterns to create a style of your own. There are many trends that have fallen into this season but we think there are three in particular that are worth holding onto for a chic, comfortable and creative style.

Listed below are New Fall Trends that every business woman should incorporate into her professional wardrobe.

Lace is such a romantic and soft fabric that works well with materials such as cotton, rayon, wool and silk. Lace is also appropriate for the workplace when matched with complimentary styles and looks. Lace is no longer restricted to the black and white colors. Women are buying lace tops and blouses in deep rich colors such as purple, blue, brown and navy. Women can pair these lace tops with fitted suit jackets for a formal appeal. Or they can pair the lace tops with cardigans and V-neck sweaters for a soft layering affect. Lace can also easily move from the office to the lounge for an after work cocktail or networking event. This stylish material is not just limited to clothes; designers are incorporating lace in purses and handbags. Lace is also a wonderful material for shoes and other accessories.

This is the season that women are making fashion investments in their professional wardrobe. Vests, which were inspired from the 60’s, are coming back in style in a mighty way. Whether they are cropped, fitted, one button or three buttons, women are pairing them with nice slacks and a button down shirt. Vests have a slight menswear appeal which adds a subtle edge to a woman's outfit. Vest looks dynamic with skirts to add a more feminine appeal. Skirts can be full, A-line or high at the waist. This season, vests are being made in different colors and fabrics and adding more variety to the classic wardrobe. Women can expect to find vests hot for this season and we think it might spill into the Spring Forecast.

Wide leg pants are becoming more and more popular and can be worn by almost any body type. We recommend that women get their pants tailored to properly fit their body proportions for creating a smooth and sophisticated silhouette. Wide leg pants were a hit in the 70's are now being mirrored by the younger generation. Wide leg pants look great with a fitted blouse or sweater or fitted jacket to create a balanced look. They should also be paired with heels or shoes with a height or platform to create a longer and leaner look.

Lace + Vest + Wide Leg Pants

A great combination for the fall is all three of these hot styles in one! A lace top with a fitted vest and wide leg pants will be a great business casual outfit to wear on office Casual Fridays, in an informal business meeting with colleagues or associates or an after hours networking event. The look is chic and effortless and very elegant. We encourage ladies to mix and match with colors and textures for a more creative and fun appeal. The sky is the limit with this fantastic wardrobe ensemble.