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First Lady Melania Trump Wears Chanel Haute Couture Gown to First State Dinner


Melania Trump continued her streak of wearing European designers with a Chanel Haute Couture dress for her first state dinner. See the dress she wore here.

What It Costs to Be Me: Zanita Whittington


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Kourtney Kardashian appeared today at a Capitol Hill briefing on cosmetics reform in Washington, D.C., with EWG president Ken Cook.

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New York Times writer Amy Chozick opens up in her new memoir about how working to cover Hillary Clinton and her campaign came before having a baby.

Sarah Jessica Parker Partners With Gilt for Ready-to-Wear Bridal Collection


Sarah Jessica Parker announced this week that she has teamed up with Gilt to create a 10-piece ready-to-wear bridal collection for the 'nontraditional' bride.